Welcome to the Near East University Faculty of Pharmacy!
Our Faculty is part of the largest university of North Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean landscape. Faculty of Pharmacy has been established in 2006 and our first graduates were graduated in 2012. I feel proud for being part of the Team who has commenced and instituted the foundations of our Faculty.

Pharmacy – as a profession, is one of the most important links in the network of health sciences. It has been one of the most respected professions throughout the history of different cultures.

As the Faculty of Pharmacy, our goal is to provide our students with all the necessary means during their five-year academic life to conform to the highest standards of education. Our Faculty members are all nationally and internationally acknowledged. Pharmacy education requires both theoretical education and practical training at the same time. In this respect, our classrooms, together with our research laboratories have been planned and executed along the lines of the contemporary examples, equipped with most recent technological tools and laboratory equipment.

Pharmacy education is challenging, yet it is also rewarding and joyful. If you want to be a pharmacist, you should put your own efforts to sustain your personal approach towards the multiplicity of experiences and the diversity of knowledge you will acquire, only to construct your own position in the field of pharmacy practice and build your own career upon.

At the end of their university life, we expect our students to establish novel ways of learning, develop necessary skills to follow the advancements taking place in the rapidly evolving spheres of the academic discourse and the technological domain, whose perception of the world is enriched by art with an emphasis on social development; so as to be honorable and intellectual colleagues in our society.

I wish you all best of luck.

Prof.Dr. İhsan ÇALIŞ
Faculty of Pharmacy