Why Us?
  1. Since we are the most radical and challenging Faculty of Pharmacy in its geographic region.
  2. Since we are the first Faculty of Pharmacy on the island of Cyprus.
  3. Since the medium of education is English.
  4. Since we offer reliable and quality training for success.
  5. Since the graduates of our faculty face no difficulties in finding employment.
  6. Since we have our own faculty building, classes and labs, unlike the other universities in the region.
  7. Since each department of our faculty has its own lab.
  8. Since student labs are equipped with the latest high-tech instruments and devices which enable students to carry out studies and research in safety.
  9. Since we own high-qualified, competent, and experienced academic staff who keep up with the developments in their field.
  10. Since we provide student-centered education and training programs.
  11. Since we have technologically equipped classrooms.
  12. Since we carry out active scientific research studies.
  13. Since we promote projects in collaboration with pharmaceutical industry.
  14. Since we are in a steady self reformation and improvement in accordance with the contemporary developments.
  15. Since we provide high-quality pharmaceutical and medication knowledge for people of our country.
  16. Since we promote the highest level of student satisfaction in training.
  17. Since we have established international bridges with overseas countries due to the ethnic diversity of students.
  18. Since we offer students social activity opportunities for intercommunication with the academic staff in addition to the scientific training and curriculum.
  19. Since we truly integrate students with different cultures, cosmo-vision and ethos and provide them education and training in a medium of mutual tolerance and solidarity.
  20. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here.