Assist. Prof. Dr. Damla ÜLKER
Assist. Prof. Dr. Damla ÜLKER
Head of Department of Basic Pharmacy Sciences
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She is a chemist; she was awarded a Ph.D. degree from the Department of Polymer Science and Technology; she completed her doctorate thesis using TUBITAK National Doctoral Fellowship. Also, she joined Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology and Nanomedicine, Northeastern University, Boston, MA, in February 2017, as a visitor scientist with scholarship from TUBITAK. Her area of research focuses on synthesis of synthetic block polymers, micelles, nanogels, microgels, liposomes, and mono or bimetallic systems, active and passive targeting of stimuli-sensitive nanoparticle drug delivery systems and applications of controlled drug delivery systems for breast cancer treatment as in-vitro ve in-vivo.

She joined the Faculty of Pharmacy at Near East University in September 2018.
Research Topics:

  • Synthesis Of Surface Active Water Soluble (Co)polymers and Their Use in the Synthesis of Metal Nanoparticles, (financially supported by Scientific Research Projects Commission of ESOGU).
  • A Novel Microgel-Hydrogel Soft Composite Systems and Application Studies, (financially supported by TUBITAK)
  • The application studiens for breast cancer treatment of drug loaded stimuli-responsive microgel/liposome biomaterials covered with magnetic nanoparticles which provides a way to carry all system on a target (financially supported by TUBITAK).
  • Preparation of Metalic Nanoparticles in Novel Stimuli-Responsive Microgels and Their Catalytic Applications (financially supported by Scientific Research Projects Commission of ESOGU)
  • Synthesis, characterization and Application Fields of Novel Stimuli-responsive Microgels-Development of Microgel-Liposome Biomaterials (financially supported by TUBITAK).
  • Cytotoxic Effects of Stimuli-responsive Microgel-liposome Based Biomaterial used as drug delivery/release system for breast cancer treatment on liver and kidney (financially supported by Scientific Research Projects Commission of ESOGU).