Faculty of Pharmacy Student Tuna ÇELİK has been elected as President of Turkish Pharmacists’ Association- Youth Commission!

17 April 2020

Wide coverage in the Cyprus media of the 10th Golden Mortar Awards received by faculty members of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Near East University

23 December 2019

The 10th Golden Mortar Awards go to the Faculty of Pharmacy, NEU…

13 November 2019

Faculty of Pharmacy 20109-2020 Fall Term-Colloquium Schedule (PHA401 Colloquium)

08 November 2019

International Education Certification of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Near East University has been extended for 4 years…

25 June 2019

May 14th Pharmacy Day celebrations were held at the Faculty of Pharmacy …

14 May 2019

“Cyprus Herbarium and Nature History Museum” was opened at the Faculty of Pharmacy with a ceremony…

07 May 2019

New Pharmacist Candidates Made Poster Presentations Within Their Graduation Projects

01 February 2019

The Name of Our Dean is on the Honor Hall of Hacettepe University…

13 December 2018

Meeting with NEU Pharmacy English Preparatory School Students

14 November 2018

Near East University Researchers are awarded a grant to participate in an International Congress

15 October 2018

Near East University Faculty of Pharmacy 2017 – 2018 Spring Semester Graduation Ceremony performed in Grand Hall

18 June 2018