Important Information about Summer School Courses (Updated)

  1. In order to avoid unfairness, regular students must complete 10 semesters.
  2. Regular students cannot take courses from upper classes in the Summer School.
  3. Students enrolled in the Spring Semester cannot take courses from the next Fall Semester in the Summer School.
  4. Students can take a maximum of 3 courses (not including NEPHAR590) in the Summer School.
  5. Students who will do their NEPHAR590 Internship in summer can repeat the courses they have taken before and failed. However, they cannot take new course(s) in the Summer School.
  6. The course instructor decides on the course process and evaluation of the course.
  7. Students who previously taken the courses and passed with low letters can take courses in summer school for the course(s) in order to raise their average score (CGPA).
  8. Students who have lost a year due to any reason can take courses in summer school from their normal semester. However, the course registration must be approved after the status of these students is discussed in the Faculty Board.
  9. Practical or laboratory courses are not applicable to the summer school.