Assist. Prof. Dr. Selin IŞIK

Selin IŞIK was born in Lefkoşa in 1984. After completing her high school education in Nicosia Turkish Maarif College, she went to Adana for undergraduate education and graduated from the Department of Chemistry, Çukurova University in 2006. She completed her master’s degree (2011) and doctorate (2018) education at Ankara University, Biotechnology Institute with a high degree of achievement. She started as a lecturer at the Department of Analytical Chemistry at Near East University, Faculty of Pharmacy in fall semester of 2017. Her academic interests are standardization of herbal raw materials, quality control of herbal drugs, herbal products and herbal medicines, and increasing the efficiency of medical plants by using biotechnological methods. For her master studies, she researched the amount of oleuropein in olive leaves of different olive tree variations in Turkey and she sheded light on the production of olive leaf raw material. At the same time, she produced green tea extract from dust room residues and oven fibers taken from tea factories and gained high amount of active substance. This research proved that these green tea wastes can be evaluated by the industrial sector. In her Ph.D. studies, she was able to increase the amount of thymoquinone in black cumin seeds by applying seed pre-treatment. During her postgraduate education, she worked as coordinator and a director at many private companies and academically combined biotechnology, pharmacognosy and analytical chemistry to create a new perspective for herbal medicine industry. Throughout her education and working lifetime, she has specialized at HPLC-DAD, HPLC-MS, UPLC-QTOF, APGC, GC-MS, GC-QTOF and Flame- and Graphite-Furnace AAS where she developed various analytical methods.

Assist. Prof. Dr. Selin IŞIK is married and is a mother of one child.